Wisconsin storm chasers
  Wisconsin Storm Chasers 


Wisconsin Severe Weather Response Team

About Wisconsin Storm chasers.

Wisconsin Storm Chasers started in 2011
Then In 2012 we started our website, and facebook group.

-------------- Our mission statement

The main primary goal of our club (Wisconsin Storm Chasers) is to be able to expand our outreach so we can shorten the time it takes to alert by telling the National Weather Service what we see. Thus helping our local citizens when severe weather occurs. We strongly feel that each and every minute counts to give warning to severe weather to the National Weather Service So they can put alerts out to the local citizens have more of a change to take cover.

Short Video by the Wisconsin Vegetable Garden / WiGardenMedia (c)2014
they interviewed us at an event that we both were at
We did ask permission to use this on our website. They said it was fine.

-------------- MORE ABOUT THE CLUB

Who are we: We have dissolve the storm chasers of this group due to liability issues. We do still have Members of our group. But they help report the weather, and educating people.
The people you see in our facebook group are general public and are interested in weather and helping keep communities informed as a hobbyist. So this means there reports are not offical. or could be late.

Disclamer for up to date and offical weather goto the National Weather Service website.


Admins: Todd Selenka, Nick Rose, David Decker
Moderators: Kaitlin Paulus, Jason Miller, Mathew Rohde


Wisconsin Severe Weather Response Team