Wisconsin storm chasers
  Wisconsin Storm Chasers 

Wisconsin Severe Weather Response Team

The main primary goal of our club (Wisconsin Severe Weather Response Team) is to be able to expand our outreach so we can shorten the time it takes to alert and help our local citizens when severe weather occurs. We strongly feel that each and every minute counts to give warning to severe weather so our local citizens have more of a change to take cover.

Our club is a hobbyist club for those interested in weather some of the members are Storm Chasers or Storm Spotters and give information to the National Weather Service skywarn and police about what they see to help keep communities safe. Some Members Like to go out after the storms and help clean up. We also have a Foot and Bike search and rescue team that can help find people after a storm if needed. While other members like to do events to inform communities how to prepare themselves for severe weather. and last but not least some members like to post information about weather online such as blogs and our website. So no matter what degree of weather you are into you are welcome to be in our club.
Our club is a real club. We have Bi-laws, and Officers that help run the club.
registered with the state of Wisconsin as a LLC (Wisconsin Severe Weather Response Team llc)

Those who go out in the severe storms only do this as a hobby not as a emergency team. Those who go out to help after the storms such as clean up do this as a hobby not as a emergency team. Our horse back team is only used if the police request it. Those who post thing on our facebook or website about the weather or weather alerts do this as a hobby. And should never be taken as fact. always check your local weather to make sure we have not missed anything.

If a member is asked to help, say the police or fire department asks. At this time the member is acting under the responsibility and care of said agency who asked, or them self's if they choose to help. And will not hold the club responsible if harm come to them, others, equipment or property. 

Our club is not authorized the usage of Emergency lights and or siren. Using search equipment that breaks the laws that results in a ticket or crime charges maybe grounds for dismissed from the club. 
We do allow using cautionary light such as amber as long as they are being used legally. Members that do use cautionary lights are doing it on their own and take full responsibility for them themselves and take full responsibility for any consequences of their actions when using them. never will a member be asked to use such lights. any miss usage of said lights maybe grounds for dismissed from the club

Wisconsin Severe Weather Response Team